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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Loving Flint, Michigan!

Welcome to my first blog adventure!  This blog is dedicated to the mom's of Flint and surrounding areas.  Flint gets so much bad press, that people quickly forget all of the great things that happen in the area.  I am dedicated to bring to the surface fun things for families to do, as well as great deals.  I will be highlighting great places to take the kids, restaurant deals, date night ideas, great sales in the area, and more ways to love and enjoy Flint! 

Weekly Posts will be as follows:
Monday: Upcoming Events for the Week
Tuesday: Out with the Kiddies
Wednesday: Yummy Eats and Treats
Thursday: Savings Money Tips
Friday: Date Night!

Know of a great place to visit?  Stumble across a great deal in the area?  Let me know, so we can spread the word!!

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