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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas: Made in the USA

There have been several news pieces done lately on buying items made in the USA.  I have done what most of us have done, watched, and thought, 'Wow, it would be hard to find things made in America.'  The more I thought about it, I decided, maybe it is time I do my small part to support those business' making an effort to produce their products here in America.  Maybe our small efforts will help create just one more job here in the US.

I figured I better start early with my shopping/research this year if I was really going to make this happen.  Much to my surprise, the more I researched, I quickly realized this 'feat' was going to be MUCH easier than I had thought.  Though, I will admit, going into a store and trying to purchase items made in the USA is not as easy.  My recommendation, research and shop online!  I am truly amazed and excited to find all kinds of great merchandise that is made right here in our country.  Below is a list of some of my favorite items and websites that I discovered.  I have also included some simple ideas for gift giving that are always 'Made in America'. Many of these items are made right here in Michigan!  I have always been a supporter of local business.  Holiday time is the perfect time to support your local economy as well.  I ask that everyone who reads this tries to purchase at least one (or more) gift that is made in America. This is how we help one another, this is what this country is about.

As I do my holiday shopping I will update the list and my progress towards the goal!  I

Uncle Goose* - Made in Grand Rapids, this company makes the original wooden blocks with wood from Michigan....and blocks with a modern spin!
Green Toys - I discovered this company when I purchased their baby spoons that are the best!  All of their products are made from recycled plastic. Green and made in the US!
Fat Brain Toys - A great variety of brain toys!
Little Tykes (some) This links you to the toys offered by the company that are made in America.
Poof-Slinky* Located in Plymouth this company produces the Slinky, foam footballs and much more!
Different Drummer Wood Toys - Back to the basics.  Great wooden toys, that keep it simple and pure.

American Apparel
GO Athletic Apparel

New Balance (some) This is they only athletic shoe made in the US.
Red Wing Shoes Great work boots.
Oka B Women's shoes, $40 and under.
Bear Feet - Great infant and toddler shoes.

Skin Care/Beauty:
Arbonne - A wide variety of skin care and make-up, certified Vegan.
Bee All Natural* Great natural products made in Shelby Twp!
Pass Christian Soap Company

Cream City Ribbon - Awesome ribbon, great for the holidays and many other occasions.
Nashville Wraps - Offers a wide variety of wrapping for all occasions.

Sanders* A Michigan favorite, great candy and goodies.
Achatz Pies* Wonderful pies for any occasion.
Great Harvest Bread Company* Offers a wide variety of breads and had great gift items!
Grassfields Cheese Company* A great farm in Michigan offering organic cheese, meats and more!
Michigan Wines* This is a link to a wide variety of Michigan vineyards.
vonStiehl Wine Naughty Girl is my fave!

Easy Ideas:
-Gift Certificates for Manicure, Pedicure, Massage,Salons
-Shop local Crafters (Check out holiday craft fairs)
-Etsy  - Website of handmade items
- Gift cards to restaurants, movie theaters

Great resource websites:

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