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Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Spring, get outside!

Spring....or Summer is in the air!

Storytime, Davison Library, 3/19
Horton Hears a Who, Flint Children's Museum, 3/20
Wild Adventures - Spring Sensory Walk, For-Mar Nature Center, 3/21
Sesame Street Live!, Perani Arena, 3/21
Knee High Naturalist - Feathered Friends, For-Mar Nature Center, 3/21
Afraid of the Dark, Flint Children's Museum, 3/21
Follow the Food!, Sloan Museum, 3/22
Women's Night Out, U of M Flint, 3/22
Rainbow Fish, Flint Children's Museum, 3/22
Knee High Naturalist - Early Bird Gets the Worm, 3/22
Mother Goose Presents, Flint Children's Museum, 3/23
Michigan Warrior Hockey, Perani Arena, 3/23
ABC 12's Family Expo, Grand Blanc High School, 3/24
Mom to Mom Sale, Fenton, Davison, Grand Blanc,, 3/24
Family Adventures: Pollution Station, For-Mar Nature Center, 3/24
Horton Hears a Who & NANO Days!, Flint Children's Museum, 3/24
Flint Farmers Market, Flint, 3/24
Derby Girls, Perani Arena, 3/24
Michigan Warrior Hockey, Perani Arena, 3/24
Discover Dinosours!, Sloan Museum,  Now - May 6

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