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Monday, July 23, 2012

Enjoy the end of July!

It's almost the end of July, find some new summer fun activities!

Art and a Book
, Barnes and Noble, Flint, 7/23
Storytime,  Flushing Library, 7/23
Plates, Quakes and Volcanoes, Sloan Museum, 7/23
Tunes at Noon, UM Flint Pavilion, 7/23 - 7/27
Flash Mob Dancing, Linden Park, 7/23
Stroytime, Clio Library, 7/24
Egg Drop, Flint Children's Museum, 7/24
Scavenger Hunt, Flint Children's Musuem, 7/24
Cooking Matters, Davison Roadside Park, 7/24
For-Mar on the Road: What Lies Beneath, Bluebell Beach, Davison Park, 7/24
Flint Farmers Market, Flint, 7/24, 7/26, 7/28
Messy Science and Art, Flint Children's Museum, 7/25
Bug Hunt, Flint Children's Museum, 7/25
Storytime, Swartz Creek Library, 7/25
Flash Mob Dancin', Davison Park, 7/25
Bounce House, Flint Children's Museum, 7/26
Sproutside Safari, Flint Children's Museum, 7/26
For-Mar on Road: What Lies Beneath, Flushing Park For-Mar, Linden Park, 7/25, 7/26
For-Mar Truck Farm, Flushing Park, Richfield Park, 7/25, 7/26
BMX Clinic, Richfield Park, 7/26
Storytime, Barnes and Noble, Flint, 7/27
Storytime,  Davison Library, 7/27
Prairie Days, Crossroads Village, 7/28 & 7/29
Oh Yuck, Scats and Tracks, Flint Children's Museum, 7/27
Book Sale, Burton Library, 7/28
Magical Mid-Summer Saturday, Flint Children's Museum, 7/28
Smarter Girls Day Camp, Kettering University,  7/28 & 7/29
Peter Pan, Flint Youth Theater, 7/27, 7/28
Magical Miniature Farm,Flint Children's Museum, 7/29
Rusty Rocket's Last Blast, Longway Planetarium, 7/23 - 7/27
Club 90's Laser Show, Longway Planetarium, 7/23 - 7/27
Off the Beaten Orbit, Longway Planetarium, 7/28
Grand Blanc Farmers Market, Downtown Grand Blanc, 7/29
Muscle Car Exhibit, Sloan Museum, Now - September 16

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