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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fun for the end of June!

It's the end of June already.  Get out and enjoy some fun with the kids around town, there is lots to do!!

Art and a Book
, Barnes and Noble, Flint, 6/25
Gordon and Friends, Davison and Grand Blanc Libraries, 6/25
Camp Alpha Omega for Girls, Longway Planetarium, 6/25 - 6/27
Under the Sea: Make a Treasure Chest, Flint Children's Museum, 6/26
Ice Cube Painting, Flint Children's Musuem, 6/26
Gordon and Friends, Clio and Genesee Valley Libraries, 6/26
Geocache 101, Flushing County Park, 6/26
For-Mar on the Road: Ambitious Amphibians, Bluebell Beach, 6/26
Flint Farmers Market, Flint, 6/26, 6/28, 6/30
Egg Drop, Flint Children's Museum, 6/27
Animal Encounters, Clio, Beecher and Flushing Libraries, 6/27
Origami w/ Ming, Grand Blanc and Davison Libraries, 6/27
How to Maintain and Fix a Bike, Flushing Park, 6/27
Camp 911, Davison Park, 6/27
Bug Hunt, Flint Children's Museum, 6/27
For-Mar on the Road: Ambitious Amphibians, Flushing Park, 6/27
For-Mar Truck Farm, Flushing Park, Richfield Park, 6/27
Geocache 101, Richfield Park, 6/28
BMX Clinic, Richfield Park, 6/28
Mini Greenhouse, Flint Children's Museum, 6/28
Under the Sea: Make an Octopus, Flint Children's Museum, 6/28
Jazz Walk, Downtown Flint, 6/28
Music for a Summer Night, Crossroads Village, 6/28
Grand Blanc Family Fun Fest, Downtown Grand Blanc, 6/28 - 7/1
Storytime, Barnes and Noble, Flint, 6/29
Intro to Creative Drawing, Bluebell Beach, 6/29
Storytime, Grand Blanc, 6/29
Stories with Mother Goose, Flint Children's Museum, 6/29
Mother Goose Hayride, For-Mar, 6/30
Great American Picnic Day, Flint Children's Museum, 6/30
Under the Sea: Pirate Scavenger Hunt,Flint Children's Museum, 6/30
Rusty Rocket's Last Blast, Longway Planetarium, 6/30, 7/1
Off the Beaten Orbit, Longway Planetarium, 6/30, 7/1
Princess Diana's Birthday Tea Party, Flint Children's Museum, 7/1
Grand Blanc Farmers Market, Downtown Grand Blanc, 7/1
Muscle Car Exhibit, Sloan Museum, June

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