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Monday, June 18, 2012

Kick Off Summer with Great Festivals!!

Sorry for the delay in getting this up, but there are some great festivals this week to kick off the summer!

Art and a Book
, Barnes and Noble, Flint, 6/18
Make a Hometown Hero Puzzle!, Flint Children's Museum, 6/19
Leaf Rubbings, Flint Children's Musuem, 6/19
Breakdance Workshop, Flushing Park, 6/19
Flushing Summer Fest, Downtown Flushing, 6/19 - 6/24
Flint Farmers Market, Flint, 6/19, 6/21, 6/23
Solstice Day, Flint Children's Museum, 6/20
Hometown Hero Puppets, Flint Children's Museum, 6/20
Crime Scene Science, Davison Park, 6/20
Honeybee Kids!, ForMar Nature Center, 6/20
Stardust Magic, Flushing Library, 6/20
Animal Encounters, Montrose Library, 6./20
Rock and Roll Painting, Flint Children's Museum, 6/21
Make a Doctor's Bag, Flint Children's Museum, 6/21
Linden Mills Day, Linden, 6/22
Storytime, Barnes and Noble, Flint, 6/22
Celebrate Firefighters!, Flint Children's Museum, 6/22
Camping Fun, Genesee Twp. Library, 6/22
Greek Festival, Grand Blanc, 6/22 - 6/24
Sloan Museum Auto Fair, 6/22 - 6/24
Watermelon Seed Spitting, Flint Children's Museum, 6/23
Make a Fire Truck Model, Flint Children's Museum, 6/23
R2K Rockets, Gaines Library, 6/23
Emancipation Celebration, Crossroads Village, 6/23
Rusty Rocket's Last Blast, Longway Planetarium, 6/23, 6/24
Off the Beaten Orbit, Longway Planetarium, 6/23, 6/24
UFO Day!, Flint Children's Museum, 6/24
Make a Catapult, Flint Children's Museum, 6/24
Grand Blanc Farmers Market, Downtown Grand Blanc, 6/24
Muscle Car Exhibit, Sloan Museum, June

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